Change Canvas Background

March 8, 2024


To change the background photo click on the canvas it’s on, and then go to the Canvas Background tab in the Properties Panel on the right. There you can choose the type of your canvas background (color, gradient, image, video…), and you can also customize the look of the background in case you choose image or video (e.g. you can add scroll animations and opacity)

Check out the screenshot below to see where these options are located. And if you need more help with canvas backgrounds check out this Showit Support Article.

If you want to try out different scroll animations (e.g. parallax or fixed) remember that they won’t be visible to you in the edit mode and that you need to go to preview mode to see how it looks!

Also, if you have an image background with text on top of it make sure that the picture is not too complex and that the text is readable. What helps with this is adding a black or white underlay color & reducing the image opacity to 50-90% and then using contrasting color for the text.